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We offer a 60min REIKI/ ENERGY HEALING TREATMENT in our clinic or as a distance healing via WHAT'S APP video call.

REIKI is an ancient japanese hands-on energy healing technique.

It works on the level of subtle energies which can accumulate in our bodies and create discomfort, imbalance and the beginnings of dis-ease.

During a Reiki / Energy healing treatment heavy/stale energetic accumulations (i.e. thoughts, emotions and traumas) are being removed from the body and replaced by a very pleasant and light energy- the energy of love.

Reiki/ Energy Healing can help with:

  • Sleep disorders, Fatigue

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Pain Relief or Elimination

  • Trauma/ Grief

  • Maintaining general wellbeing

  • Boosting the Immune System

  • Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Healing

  • Reduction of recovery time after surgery

       and much more...


We love using additional advanced energy healing techniques combined with Reiki to achieve better results with a more efficient way of manipulating energies.

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