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Our EMOTIONAL LUMEN HYPNOTHERAPY contains of 7-10 individual personalised hypnotherapy sessions that are removing past traumas and emotional baggage.

Beginning with very gentle inductions, each session focuses on different aspects of the clients past and helps them release what is causing suffering or discomfort.


With each session we slowly work our way to deeper levels of ailments until we reach childhood. 

Harmful or uncomfortable subconscious patterns can get reprogrammed and healed.


"We don't remove your past, but we do remove the mental/ emotional suffering that is attached to it."  

The duration of each EMOTIONAL LUMEN HYPNONTHERAPY session is 90- 120 minutes and is offered at €90. There must be 7days (or close to 7days) in between each sessions.

A consultation is mandatory.

For more information please contact us by clicking the "CONTACT US" button or book your consultation/ EMOTIONAL LUMEN HYPNOTHERAPY sessions directly via the "BOOK NOW" button.

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