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Creating Health and Balance within...
"I went to Susannes clinic last week with a terrible pain in my right shoulder. I had been suffering from the pain for a very long time and nothing could bring me any relief. For the last three months, I was feeling it getting worse and finally I reached such a point of pain that I couldn't help myself, couldn't go to work, do basic things around myself.
Any painkillers weren't helping...
It took Susanne one hour to take the pain off my shoulder by 60% straightaway and unbelievably the next morning the pain was completely gone.
Thank you Susanne" 
"I went to Susanne last week for a reiki session after suffering intense stress and anxiety for an extended period of time. Susanne is an incredibly gifted practitioner. I was dubious about whether reiki could help considering how much I had let things build up, and how desperate I was feeling. I left the session feeling like a weight had been lifted and I have the tools to continue to care for my mental health. It was one of the most peaceful experiences I have had in a long time and I would urge anyone who is struggling at all to go to Susanne for at least one reiki session. She is amazing! So much so, that I immediately recommended her to my sister who also had an extremely positive session with Susanne."
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